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Details : is loaded with the chain of 6 different apps. All the apps are developed for a different purpose, reason & vision. Some apps are developed for the purpose of entertainment and some are for information sharing or services. MON-JI is an adventure monkey jumping game for the purpose of fun. Score tough by making the monkeys jump and eat the bananas. MatchMe is an element matching game you can play in leisure time. Feel amazed by playing princess rescue game which is launched by Artista. MatchMe, MON-JI, & Daizy are the free game apps. Install recipe sharing app SURE, if you are a foodie or fond of cooking. Get step wise recipe of food dishes belong to worldwide cuisine. BONX2 is a package of storybook app along with element balancing game. One more engaging game introduced by is Artista- a graphics design studio. Get all design stuff from the digital art illustration & graphics design app.

Artista Apps
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